Tri-Stripe (Maddox Line)

Tri-Stripe (Maddox Line)
© Brian Maddox 1 out of 2
Tri-Stripe (Maddox Line)
© Brian Maddox 2 out of 2
Basic morph
First produced
Back in 2009 I received a gravid imported female, she dropped 9 eggs and when hatched a Tri-Stripe. A year or so later I sold that snake to a breeder as an unproven Tri-Stripe. That same year I bred my male butter to the imported female and produced normal's and Butters. This past season I bred one of the hold back male Butters to his mother ( the imported female) and produced a Tri-Stripe Butter, proving my girl to be a het for Tri-Stripe.

-Brian Maddox
Genetic wizard

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