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Why you should advertise on WOB

In the past couple of years we’ve more and more frequently been asked from breeders, resellers and companies if they could advertise on our website.

We have tried to find a price to fit breeders, resellers and companies. Every time we have tried to find a price that should fit their expectations the setup was incredibly difficult and in most cases it did not result in any good campaigns. On top of this we weren’t the most visited site online for ball pythons and we didn't keep any notable track on our users and visitors. Still breeders, resellers and some companies kept asking.

All that has changed now!

We are proud to present our new banner system along with a set of standard prices. Now we also keep track on our users and visitors.  And to top it all we now also have the numbers to back it up.

Our users love our site and stay online for a considerable amount of time on their every visit.

We think there is a campaign for everyone somewhere on the site and we offer many kinds of campaigns. We can help the serious breeder to get their name out to the market and reach their potential customers with a VIP Breeder Profile (buying a VIP profile automatically gives a 10% discount on banner ads)

We can help resellers and companies to promote their products, generate leads and optimize exposure towards their buyers through our banner campaigns.

We can help small breeders to expose their names by using our small footer breeder banners.

Our banner system collects clicks and views, and you have the opportunity to add more than one banner graphics to a campaign. This way you can make an A/B test