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Submit pictures to the morph list

Here are a few rules you must follow in order to get your pictures on our morph list:

  • Pictures has to belong to you.
  • Pictures must be of good quality and in focus.
  • We don't use pictures with Logo or any kind of text on the snake.
  • Pictures of babies must be taken after their first shed. Generally, the best possible caption of the animals’ pattern and colors will be right after a shed. Please restrain yourself from sending a picture of a snake that is going into shed.
  • Pictures must be 1200x900 pixels and preferably on a plain white background. It always gives a better impression when the snake is portrayed on a simple, easy-on-the-eye, background, instead of on newspaper or in the hands of someone.
  • We will need to know what the morph is produced from.
    In case you know, we would also like the year the morph was first produced.
  • We need to know what country you live in so you get on the right Breeder List.

Listing of the morphs:
All Morphs will be listed alphabetically and the combo name will be under aka.
old Morphs will eventually also be corrected so everything is going to be alphabetical.

You will of course get credited for your pictures and we therefore need to know what you would like written in your credits. When you give something to the site, you will get a profile on the breeders list, where you are able to add a description about yourself and your interests. If you have a website we can also add this to your profile.

You can also get a VIP Breeder page, where you have more opportunities.
For only $99 a year.

Please use our contribution system: www.worldofballpythons.com/contribute