Pastel - Morton Wright Line

Pastel - Morton Wright Line
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Basic morph
First produced

The Pastel is an incomplete dominant or what many refer to as Co-Dominant mutation that produces a Ball Python that intensifies the yellow pigmentation to various degrees. High blushing, green or pale eyes, and white lips are also prominent features. 

All pastels at birth have faded heads but tend to darken up a bit as they get older although some still retain the fade. The pastel also possesses a very clean underside.  

The homozygous or super form of the Pastel is a snake that usually retains its yellow coloration, has a more reduced pattern, a considerably faded head and extensive blushing throughout that often takes on a “purple-haze”. When breed to a normal 50% Pastels and 50% Normals. A Pastel bred to a Pastel will produce 25% Super Pastels, 50% Pastels, 25% Normals.

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