Caramel Albino (Crider Line)

Caramel Albino (Crider Line)
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Caramel Albino (Crider Line)
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Caramel Albino (Crider Line)
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Basic morph
First produced
The 'Crider' ball is a recessive morph that has been around for sometime now with little understanding of what it's all about. 
The morph has been thought of as another strain of T+ albino and only recently have we realized that they have black eyes and now along with other breeders, we believe that they are not a strain of T+ but that they are indeed their own morph. 
No babies to date have been born with kinks and when bred to other strains of T+'s no visual Criders have hatched...
just normal looking babies which are actually double hets. 
As babies they are electric and look like very intense T+'s and as they mature they become a beautiful animal with the oranges turning more yellow over time.
Matt Lerer. GHI Reptiles
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