Here on WOB we have two kinds of breeder profiles.

1) Basic Breeder Profile - This profile is free and it is for our breeders who help us keep the site growing by contribute with images, articles and blog threads. This profile is runned from the sentence: "Give some, get some".

The profile page is simple with a description text (if the breeder want one), a logo and website link. Bottom left has a morph list if the breeder has been first with any morphs.

If you have something to contribute with, have a look at our 'Wanna contribute' page.

2) VIP Breeder Profile - This profile is for the breeders who want some more. This Profile comes with no demands about contribution or so. 

The profile costs $8.25 a month (paid one year at the time $99).

The profile page is styled a bit diffently then the basic page, with a big logo / banner in the top and a opportunity to have a personal facebook fanpage like box.

In the Breeders list this Profile is listed alone in the top. And all over the page when the breeders name is written a VIP icon is displayed.

Are you interested in a VIP breeder profil? Get started here right now