Snake47 - Rezessiv Regius Morphe

Snake47 - Rezessiv Regius Morphe
VIP Breeder
Snake47 - Rezessiv Regius Morphe has been a VIP breeder since 2021

Snake47 (Linus Henn) has been breeding Python Regius since 2014, with a special focus on recessive inheritance.

All animals are 100% recessive and without any form of dominant or codominate genetics.
This special breed requires a lot of time and patience.
Unless otherwise possible, inbreeding-free is mated, 90% of which are successful.

The feed Rats are bred by myself, as this ensures a high quality standard in the nutrition of the snakes. The feedings including the weight of the feed rats, the molting and the monthly determined weight are documented.
These data are recorded in an individual protocol.