Reptile Industries / ReptMart

United States
2013 marks 30 years since we sold our first reptile as a business. With a lot of hard work and dedication, our love of reptiles grew from a basement hobby into a major corporation. We first made our mark in the industry with our Burmese pythons and colubrids, with a major focus on pine snakes.  Since then we have branched off into many specialty projects involving leopard geckos, sand boas, turtles and tortoises, lizards, and ball pythons.

We did not begin our specialty ball python project until the mid-90’s. We purchased our first group of morphs from Mike Ellard at Burgundy Reptiles.  It was a Desert Ghost, a pair of pastels, and a few Ghost ball pythons.  At that time we did not know the potential of what we had, we just knew they were different. In 2003 we were the first to produce a Desert Ghost in captivity and we were also known for our line of pastels and ghosts.

Our ball python collection was just a small portion of our business in the beginning, but we began to become more intrigued by the different morphs being produced.  I particularly loved the piebald ball python that Pete Kahl had produced and wanted to add them to our collection. Mark was hesitant to increase our collection so I convinced his Brother, Jeff, into splitting the cost of buying 2 pairs of het pieds from Pete . This was a large investment for us because he had just proven this morph. With this purchase started a side business between Jeff and I to grow our collection. Jeff focuses on our specialty ball python care and production and deserves all the credit for everything we have produced.  I focus on the sales and customer relations along with my son in law, Nick. Over the past 18 years we have added a lot of new color morphs to this industry, and we continue to work towards producing and creating new, high quality morphs.  We currently produce clutches throughout the year in order to provide our customers with a variety of available sizes year round.

In 2009 we launched Reptmart, an online retail website to provide individuals with a source of specialty reptiles at a reasonable price.  I solely run this site in conjunction with my daughter and son-in- law. Through this site we have opened the door to providing a variety of animals, including many morphs of ball pythons to the public.  We have seen an increasing interest in specialty ball pythons over the past few years.  With our family oriented business structure, we are able to offer exceptional customer service and provide accurate records of genetic history for our ball python morphs.

Kimberly Bell