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RepStylin has been a VIP breeder since 2016

My name is Wendy, and I am passionate about snakes! My enthusiasm for reptiles dates back to my early childhood, when I have fond memories of finding herps in the wild and being completely fascinated by them! I wasn't allowed to have pet reptiles as a child, but I remember my favorite toys being my plush and rubber snakes! As an adult I am fortunate now to be able to keep and breed a number of harmless snake species. RepStylin® is the name of my small business and registered trademark. It is a licensed small business in Central Oregon (USA), but it is mainly Internet based. Professionally I work full-time as a registered nurse, and I also have a family, so I do try to keep the snake collection and business on the smaller side and at more of a hobby level, but with mostly high-end animals. I do sell a lot of the snakes that I produce, as well as my handcrafted reptile themed jewelry, on my business website, which can be found at: I produce several species of boas, colubrids and pythons with a focus on producing colorful and eye catching varieties. I love morphs and the living art that can be created by combining these beautiful color and pattern genes!