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Like many in this business I've had an unexplainable attraction to cold-blooded creatures since birth, (or shortly thereafter). Throughout my life I've kept reptiles, early on it was usually anything I could find in the wild outside my house. In high school I began keeping different types of constrictors including Ball Pythons and a Boa Constrictor, as well as a couple rattlesnakes that I found in rural Oklahoma.

In college, I hid snakes in my dorm room and hatched out my first clutch of colubrids under my bed. The next year the biology department of my University offered to let me move my collection to their department and continue my breeding projects there. It was at then that I discovered that my favorite snake (the Ball Python) could be tricked out with SWEET morphs... the rest is history.

I've since graduated and am living in Toccoa, GA with my wife, Joy and our son Graer. in 2003 I founded J. Kobylka Reptiles and am thrilled to be working my dream job full time!


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