Gary Liesen

United States
As a child growing up, I had an older brother that used to tie me up to a tree and put local harmless snakes inside my clothes. He would then pester the snakes until they would bite me. Now none of this was really life threatning but life CHANGING would be a better word.

As I entered high school, as a 15 year old that was still deathly afraid of snakes, it didn't take long for the older kids to take advantage of my fears by putting snakes in my locker, gym bag, lunch sack, coat pocket etc. As I found the hidden snakes I was then made fun of by my peers for my screaming reaction to them. Pity was taken on me by a older boy who had a pet boa. After many visits to his home I finally touched and held his pet and the rest is history.

At the age of 18, I purchased my first boa and was quickly the hit of my neighborhood. I found myself doing impromtu lectures for friends and family. As my knowledge grew I started lecturing to local schools, scouts, pta's, etc.
Now in 2008, at the age of 56, I am a highly requested reptile lecturer in several states. I specialize in library programs each summer, plus several schools and adult organizations in my local area.

My wife Charyl  is my staunch supporter and best friend. Her love for me has let me retire at the early age of 56 from a 38 year job as a heavy equipment opreator to work full time at my hobby and passion, which is the Snakeshop.
My goal is not to be the biggest, or the richest, in the business but to have fun keeping the HOBBY alive by offering top quality animals to my customers.
Thank you for reading and learning a little about us.
Hope to do business with you someday.

Gary and Charyl Liesen