Elite Morph Designs

Puerto Rico

Elite Morph Designs is a small family business that was born from my childhood passion of keeping reptiles. Since I was a kid, I've maintained several species of reptiles, but it wasn't until 2010 when I acquired my first ball python (a normal male).  That's when my passion for Ball Pythons began. Quickly that first ball python became the first of several ball pythons, and those started the beginning of my collection.

During that time my interest in the species grew. In the process of learning about the species and the hobby in general, I talked, communicated and met breeders from both United States and Puerto Rico.

All of that input of information contributed to my current knowledge regarding the housing, keeping, breeding and the ball python hobby in general.
Today, with the support of my family and many good friends that I have made within the hobby, I feel happy and confident with my current collection of over 100plus healthy animals. I plan on expanding that collection with new genes without forgetting my roots as a hobbyist. Because that hobbyist mentality would always keep ones mind focused in that the well being of the animals in a collection should always comes first.