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Dan Wolfe
  • United States

Since 1986, keeping and breeding reptiles has been my passion.  As a hobby evolved into a business I have established two primary objectives:

We strive above all else to produce reptiles of exceptional quality.  In quality we are not only concerned with visible characteristics such as pattern and coloration, but also with less obvious factors such as the incorporation of sound genetic management practices.  I have seen other breeders compromise the vigor of their lineages by intensive inbreeding in an effort to refine certain inherent color and pattern traits.  Although a certain amount of inbreeding is usually required to initially establish certain desirable mutations, I believe that every effort should be made to incorporate new genetic material so as  to promote long term viability of breeding programs. The net end result of our carefully guided breeding programs are offspring that are not only beautiful, but are also healthy, calm, and fast growing animals that become competent and predictable breeders.

A second but equally important objective is to provide buyers with the best possible support.  We work hard to represent our animals honestly and accurately. We feel that each animal we produce is totally unique, both in appearance and in the way in which it interacts with the world. Although it is difficult to fully describe each animal, we nevertheless do our best. To us, good customer support means good communication. Just as we know that each of our animals is unique, so are our buyers. We realize that each buyer has different needs and expectations, and we do our best to understand and work with each buyer in an effort to satisfy those expectations.

In closing, we love what we do. I hope that this is readily apparent in all communications with our customers, and ultimately in the animals they receive from us. I feel that our greatest compliment is your repeat business.

Thank you for your interest in Dan Wolfe Herpetoculture.

Dan Wolfe