Barry Summerhayes

United Kingdom
My Name is Barry Summerhayes, I live in the South-East of England in Essex. I have been breeding snakes for 20 years plus, I started with Hognoses and bred the first albino hogs in the UK, as well as being the originator of the Jaguar Gene. I have bred many hognose species including all three Madagascan Species. I love rear Fanged snakes and have bred green Cat eyes, Phylodoras Baroni, and have a collection of False water cobras and a Rufus Beaked snake called Captain Beaky.
I started to become curious about Balls only 5 years ago, and have had some awesome success over the last 2-43 years, this year hatching 27 clutches. Last year I produced the Uk’s first Mercury Ball and repeated the feat again this year. I am Also the second Person to have produced Enchi Genetic stripes and this year the first person in the world to produce an Albino Ivory Spider. I am not a business breeding snakes is a passion and at times very hard work but addictive and engaging at the same time. I always said I would never get “into” Ball pythons, but I admit I am not always right lol!!!!