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ARP Constrictors
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I have always been passionate about animals all my live, being fascinated by snakes since a young age I was able to start keeping them only when I finished high school. I began keeping cornsnakes but quickly discovered the love of my live, BALL PYTHONS!

The vast and rich colour mutations amazed me, my first Ball Python was a Mojave which is still with me till now. I started keeping them in my college hostel but soon it starts to get pretty difficult to keep a growing collection of snakes secret. I had to move into a shared housing unit and continued not just keeping but breeding Ball Pythons. Soon I registered for wildlife trading license and commercial breeding license required locally to continue my hobby. This is when I was required to move my animals into a commercial building in 2011.

From then on I have had the pleasure to work with these amazing animals full time after completing my totally unrelated Mechanical Engineering Degree. Its been over a decade since I began my journey but never seem to get enough of them, they are highly addictive! For me this is my dream job and I hope to see this hobby grow much more especially in Malaysia.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking an interest about my story. Let's all share our love for these amazing animals!