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When you see it..

This is by far my favourite ball python hatched here this year. Not because he is a new multi gene morph but because of his personality. He is a bumble bee fire and was born without any eyes. At first I was skeptical on his survival but then I though he might have keener senses than all my other snakes. I was not proven wrong. After his fist shed I set him up in his own enclosure and let him settle in. After a few days I introduced a live fuzzy rat and his senses ignited. Within a few seconds he located his prey and with precise targeting captured his first meal. He has fed 7 times now without fail. He is such a cool dude and when held never strikes or mistakes fingers for food. I have had many visitors to my facility offer to give him a good home as a pet but just like the original Miracle Ball hatched here in 2002, who is still thriving, he has a permanent home here are Markus Jayne Ball Pythons. His name is Stevie the Wonder ball.




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