L.L.T. Ball (Liesen Line Trick) story


Gary Liesen

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Three years ago I bought my Black Pastel male from a group of imported animals. He ate great and at 650 grams and 6 months old he bred 2 normal females... hence the story of my (L.L.T Ball) Liesen Line Trick pattern started. 
As you well know that when you breed a Black Pastel (co-dom)to a normal in theory you get Black Pastel and normals for offspring. 
I do not get normals. What should be normals always come out TRICK PATTERN (for lack of a better descriptive word) 
So I started keeping back the TRICK pattern babies and sold a few to my close friends. 
Spring of 2010 gave me the answer I was looking for. In a breeding loan using my TRICK male to a friends NORMAL female the TRICK pattern came through from a 3 egg clutch along with 2 normals. Now this coming breeding season I will breed 
TRICK X TRICK to see if there is going to be a SUPER to this trait. 
The accompanying pics show the TRICK pattern has been holding true for several generations now. 
Pic 1 is 2008 male that proved his genetic's this year 
Pic 2 is a 2009 female, same pattern and yellow highlights 
Pic 3 is a 2008 female, once again the same kind of pattern. 
I hope that next spring to show off a NEW super from this line. 
I will also be using this TRICK male on several female morphs. 
Thanks for reading my story 
Gary Liesen 
Snakemans Snakeshop

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