Kevin McCurley Aka, NERD Need your Help



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Help Kevin.

I am presently gathering photographs and NEW mutation combos that have been produced over the past 2 - 3 Years. I am very interested in publishing the accomplishments of some of the new amazing mutations being produced. I need the morph, I need to know when you made it, if you have named it and most important I need a Hi resolution picture of the snake posed. The picture needs to be a GOOD picture that would be suitable to show off your accomplishment to the rest of the world. A nice posed snake on white would be the BEST but I am open to all good pictures. The picture will be given photo credit to the photographer and owner of the snake. I am very interested in noting what many smaller breeders are making.

I need your name or your company name credit to for the morph.

Email me @ and tell me your morph and if I don't already have it I will ask for a picture. Please, make sure they are hi res picts such as Pict or Tiff files or even Raw.

If the picture is of low quality or the pose is not the best I may ask for another. Thank you all very much!!!!


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