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About Ralph Davis

Ralph DavisHe was born in 1967 into an animal loving family. By the time he was ten years old, he was completely hooked on reptiles. Ralph would go out and collect any kind of herp could find, turtles, lizards and most definitely snakes! His bedroom was full of tanks and makeshift containers for all his "wild" pets.

He worked off and on at the local pet shop for supplies, not money. Ralph would also work for animals, at the time, Savannah monitors, skinks, and ball pythons were his favorites.

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See the long list of morph Ralph Davis did first on his WOB profile: Ralph Davis Reptiles




Questions from our Facebook users

We got many questions from our Facebook users when we asked what they would like to ask Ralph Davis. And here is what the man, him self, had to say.


1) What did you do before & How did you fall into the reptile breeder circuit? (Grazzy Bear)

I have been “turning stones and logs” since I was a kid. I was always in the woods looking for salamanders, frogs, toads, skinks, turtles and snakes. I worked at a couple pet shops as a kid…… I always dreamed of one day owning a pet shop.

I started a construction business right out of high school and was able to do very well for myself…....sooo I invested some money into a shop. I started “The Green Iguana” from scratch. I sold reptiles, fish and all the feeders. I only wanted to sell captive bred stock, so I started to glance through the Reptiles Magazine and that’s where I found breeders to contact. Breeders like Peter Kahl, VPI and The Bells.

As I started to develop relationships with these “larger than life” breeders I got “hooked” on the boa and python morphs. At the time it was the Albino boa, Anerythristic boa and the Snow boa. The ball python morphs were Albino, Axanthic, Clown and the soon to be “proven” Piebald. I ended up buying into all of the morphs, both boas and ball pythons.

As I built my collection and started to produce my own morphs I decided to sell my shop and become a “breeder”…….the rest is history!!.....and yes I still have the construction company. Been in bizz since 1987.


2) What is the most beautiful or stunning morph that you were the first to make or you've seen? (Blake Stokes)

Platty Daddy was the first for sure.



3) How do you feel about the reptile ban? (Dar King)

Being on The Board of Directors for USARK since day one….. I think a lot about the “reptile ban”……. I’ve had my finger on the pulse for many years. “Disappointment” is the first word that comes to mind. This is another Q&A entirely.


4) What will be the biggest project you ever produce? (Scott Melville)

Ralph Davis showing offGood question…… so far all of my keystone originals have been BIG and most importantly……. long lasting!



5) What morphs do you foresee being in demand in the next 3-5 years? (Cale Frederick)

Enchi, Piebald and Clown……. all the combos to go with them.



6) How many clutches have you produced so far since you started breeding ball pythons? (Paul Fryett)

I’m not sure……. go back in the archives of the RDR Birthing Record pages and do the math……and then add 10 or so clutches for each season that were “X clutches”….. hehe….. :)


7) Do you treat your own ill snakes or do you send them to a veterinarian? (Brandon A. Ripple)

I use Scott Stahl from SEAVS…. he is the best!!



8) Who inspired you to breed, and what was your first pairing and what was produced? (Joe Loma)

Bob Clark’s ads in Reptiles Magazine is what caught my eye and got the wheels turnin’……. Albinos and VPI Axanthics were my first BP morphs. Then Albino boas, Striped Albino boas, Anerys and Snows.


9) What is the name of the bird in the videos? (Ace of Snakes)

That would be Chip… he’s a love bird that I got from Kara ( Nerd’s girl at the time )



10) What's your favourite pizza topping? (Kevin Townsend)

Cheese and mushrooms



11) What would you do different in any aspect regarding snakes or your business? (Ssscales)

I wouldn’t do anything different………. it’s been a flawless dream beyond my expectations so far. BP’s will break your heart year after year. The good always outweighs the bad though…..


12) For a new hobby breeder what 6 snakes would you start with and why? (Scott Covell Jr )

Piebald, Lav Albino, Clown, Enchi, Yellow Belly and Pastel.



13) Why do you stop pairing your females as soon as you feel follicles, aren't you afraid that they'll reabsorb them? (Jessica Collins)

Depends on the size of what I feel going on in the female ( lumps and bumps )……. when it’s done “it’s done”…… no need to waste the valuable male’s stamina…;)…. I do it all “by feel”….. I’m good like that I guess.


14) Which is your goal/dream morph to produce in the (near) future? (Julia Fields)

Keep watchin…….



15) What are your future plans for your super phantom and platinum projects? (Xavier Saci Springer)

Just to cross them into morphs that I think they will mesh the best with…… a super phantom goblin piebald might be kinda neat….. and a enchi platty clown.. :)


16) What was the first morph that took your breath away... (Julie King)

PIEBALD……. I was there during the entire development of that project. Peter Kahl changed the entire market of BP’s when that proved genetic.


17) Whats in the flatline? (Chris Cartwright)

Flatline Ball Python The “Flat_Line” is a mythical beast like the sasquatch…… I do believe in the sasquatch!!..... but really it’s a cool “dinker” that I’m workin’ on.


19) Is the flatline a super tangerine, enchi, wicked clown? (Ecosse Royals)

No it is not…… but it should be huh?!.... That would be a really great combo. I have big plans for the “Tangs”


19) Why not show an updated pic of the Flatline? Did it not turn out as good as you had hoped? ( I doubt that) (Raphael MAballsdotnet)

A “pile” of Flat_Lines will make a better presentation don’t you think Raph?



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