Blue Tongue Paradise! Wild Australia - Pt. 3

Published on Aug 12, 2015

Blue Tongue Paradise! If you have or know someone who has a blue tongue, you have got to check out this Blue Tongue Paradise! This week on SnakeBytesTV is Part 3 of Brian's Wild Australia adventure. Brian takes us with Grant to visit Northern Blue Tongue Skinks in this Blue Tongue Paradise. Besides discovering this paradise for blue tongues, Brian also meets up with Erin - an expert of fresh water crocs. Watch Brian catch a fresh water croc with his own bare hands!! After spending time in the Blue Tongue Paradise, Brian heads over to see Waldo The Bush Poet! Waldo slams down some serious animal rhymes! Do you know what a septic is? Don't worry, Waldo The Bush Poet will be sure to explain. Check back Next Wednesday for Part 4 and the final installment of Brian's Wild Australia Adventure.

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