Published on Jul 10, 2009

It's python and boa breeding season here at BHB Reptiles, which is one of the most important times of the year for us. And although many breeders have their own personal techniques for breeding pythons and boas, this show will give you a guideline as to how we do things here at BHB. We show you how we prepare our snakes through changes in temperature, and how we pair them together and cycle males through the females. Throughout this process it's very important to keep track of which male is paired with which female, or females, so we show you how we keep track of each snake as they make baby snakes for us. So watch the show and you may find something that we do that you can apply to your own breeding projects! On this episode's Ask the Breeder, Kel answers the question whether power feeding is bad for snakes. And you may have noticed that our crew has had a little turnover recently, which happens when you run a business. We tell our stories of how some of our past employees have quit in unusual ways. Finally, Chewy shares his heart-tugging story of his newly-rescued pet Albino Boa, 'Lucky'.

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