Caramel Albino


Carmel Albino is a color mutation that is recessive and produces a snake that is varying shades of yellow, brown, cream and lavender with red eyes.This mutation goes by many names such as T+ Albino, Xanthic (opposite of axanthic; having yellow color) or Caramel Albino. The color is generally more prominent in smaller ball pythons and a bit more muted on adults. The T+ means that this morph has a functional tyrosinase (a copper containing enzyme) responsible for the production of melanin. The more widely known amelanistic albino would be considered a T- since the enzyme is completely deficient in that particular mutation.  Although Caramels are a gorgeous mutation, it has been discovered that in some cases thebreeding of homozygous caramel albinos have produced offspring with congenital defects known as kinking. This seems to be less likely when breeding het to het.

Tony Gude