Black Axanthic

Here it is! one of the hottest new base mutations to drop in a long time... I cannot say enough about the project and how thrilled I am to be on the cutting edge of this mutation.

Proven genetic in 2008 by Tracy Barker. This mutation stands right up there with pieds, clowns and yes even lavenders in my opinion. The only pairing with this morph to date has been Black Axanthic x Black Axanthic, no hets, no combos, this is ground floor people!

Although not conclusive because of limited breeding, this mutation is likely recessive and incompatible with existing axanthic lines. Better yet, Black Axanthics do not brown out as adults like other axanthic lines. They keep their look throughout their lives. Update: The Barkers bred Blk Ax X normal in 2009 to produce normal-looking Het Blk Axanthics. It is officially recessive.

I am working with a pair of this amazing mutation and can't wait to mix it up into other morphs. Imagine the Lavender or Piebald Black Axanthic!! How about the Black Axanthic Spider?