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Even though the python ban doesn't include Balls, we still need to stand together against this outrageous violation of the freedom we are supposed to enjoy in the USA. To use fabricated or exaggerated "scientific" facts to summarily prohibit the sale of any breed of snake is pure BS. Will this law eliminate the snakes that have already established a population in the wild? NO! What are the breeders who already have pregnant Burms supposed to do with all their new hatchlings if they have been restricted in where they can sell them? The White House has a petition to overturn this silly bill and it is struggling to get to 2000 signatures let alone the 25000 needed. Come on people. How long will it be before the stooges in D.C. come after our BP's.!/petition/overturn-python-ban/4wGFbc4Y#thank-you=p
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Postby Genama » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:37 pm

you can disable ban share at some server. Example, if you disable it on hns, so who get banned in hns can play on the others, but if you get banned in the others, you can play hns.
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