Postby VicFig » Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:23 pm

This year is my first year breeding, and I've got one clutch in the incubator. The 60 days is coming up(Dec. 7 to be exact) in a few weeks. I know people cut eggs on day 53-60(or when the first egg pips). When is the best day to cut? I was thinking about cutting on day 55.
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Postby Winx! » Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:04 am

IMO as a first clutch don't cut. They come out perfectly fine on their own. IF you screw up, well yeah, not that it is hard. Also, I too had my first clutches this year and personally it was WAY more exciting seeing the slits and then the little heads peeking out. I pretty much made the decision that I will never cut, unless I have to. (I did cut one egg solely because I swore I saw 2 heads and just had to make sure, and there was 2 twins!!) Part of my reasons for deciding to not cut is this; lets say in a few years I have my hopes up for the combo I have as my goals. I cut. BAM! I hit the odds. Said snake doesn't make it and dies in the egg. Can you say HUGE let down? Knowing that it is there and didn't make it. Same scenario it crawls out and dies ok still sucks. Uncut, part of me will never know if the egg doesn't pip. My main reason though is it is just so awesome to watch them do it as intended. Let them come out when they feel like joining the world. Just my $1.50
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