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I will try to make a long story short.

I am a first time breeder. I paired a few females with a male in Feb/March 2016. I didn't believe either female caught, stopped tracking poops and sheds.

On November 19th my lesser female laid a dud egg. Image Image

December 19th... still no eggs. So she went to the vet. Image 4 more eggs confirmed. Increased temp and humidity.

Offered another rat, but no longer interested. She had continued to eat right up until that dud egg. Passed two stools since laying it.

She seems to he acting completely normal. She spends 98% of her time in the lay box.

I have had mentors tell me she must have been making room for the developing eggs by getting rid of one early. Continue to wait.

What would you do? Wait it out even longer? Another vet trip? We have discussed oxytocin, knowing it can be relatively ineffective on reptiles. Surgery has been discussed... I just want to do what is right for the snake.
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