My name is Mariusz. I’m a big passionate of all terraristic animals, especially snakes. My passion started 15 years ago when I got my first snake as a gift from my parents. It was a corn snake. With the time their number grew … I managed to reproduce them. I remember, it was an amazing experience when I saw the first head piercing the egg. Unfortunately I had to leave my hobby. After a four-year break, I decided to return to my passion and I started from ball pythons. This project continues until today. My breeder’s name is SnakeMe – why?? It’s easy – Snakes were always around Me, so short version is SnakeMe. My site is dedicated to breeding ball pythons and everything else related to them. If you are interesting in my collection, projects and breeding or just looking for something for yourself simply visit my page available
Enjoy your visit at SnakeMe.
Best regards, Mariusz