Ouroboros Ball Pythons
The Ouroboros Team:
Jay McDonald
Before his daughter asked for a snake for her 5th birthday, McDonald's opinion on snakes was about on par with that of Indiana Jones. Now slowly overcoming his fears, he takes care of the business side of the company, from sales to logistics to Ouroboros Online. A process engineer by trade and owner of one of the most successful wrestling promotions in Ontario, Mcdonald is a master of getting things done.
Theresa Liska
The Ouroboros snake lady! The former manager of a fifty-head quarter horse breeding farm, Liska handles all snake and rodent husbandry here at Ouroboros. Before the farm, she attended a three-year Fish and Wildlife technologist program at Sir Sandford Fleming College, and tutored courses ranging from parasitology to animal psychology. Her pet ball python, Creepy, is the unofficial founder of Ouroboros.
Ouroboros Ball Pythons
As long ago as I can remember, I've been fascinated by snakes. I wasn't allowed to have pets when I was little, but that didn't stop me from bringing home every garter snake I could find (much to my mother's chagrin!) I left home at seventeen – and bought my first official pet snake almost immediately thereafter. My first was an amelanistic corn snake named Spooky. Spooky was a wonderful little snake, and sparked the inevitable jump from pet to collection. It was around 2002 that I bought Creepy, my very first ball python.
Over a decade later, it was Creepy who inspired Jay McDonald's 5-year old daughter to fall in love with ball pythons and ask for one of her own. (She also asked for a label maker of her own, but that's another story.) Determined to do his research first, McDonald read everything he could find on the subject – and stumbled headfirst into the wonderful world of ball pythons. (And yes, she got her pet – Nibsy, a cute and quirky yearling lemon blast male.)
As almost anyone who has kept snakes will understand, two can become five, can become ten, can become twenty, just that quickly! Plans to breed the original pair turned into a whirlwind adventure that spanned two countries and hours upon hours of driving to acquire well-bred, reputable stock. Just like that, our innocent pair of ball pythons turned into 48 seemingly overnight! (At least, that's how it felt!)
Though our collection grew quickly, our facilities have grown with it. Our snakes and rats are housed exclusively in ARS racking systems; we rely on Spyder Robotics equipment for all of our environmental controls. All of our rats are bred in-house, and our ball python stock (except Creepy!) has come from top breeders across Canada and the United States.
While we both have full-time jobs outside Ouroboros, our passion lies with our ball pythons. We don't keep anything else – no milk snakes, no boas, no corn snakes. Just ball pythons. If you are looking to purchase ball python breeding stock or are just looking for that perfect pet for yourself, look no further. Ouroboros Ball Pythons offers top quality ball pythons at a competitive price with world class service. We pride ourselves in quick response times to all correspondence through email, text or voice messages. We look forward to hearing from you and adding a piece of our family to yours.
Theresa Liska, Fish and Wildlife Technician
Ouroboros Ball Pythons