Mojo Pythons
Mojo Pythons
Our story starts as two brothers who grew up in Costa Rica, also considered Herp heaven for most people! Joe and I were fortunate enough to grow up within a well known and established family. We own coffee and banana plantations, along with endless acres of cattle farms. We grew up collecting snakes, catching iguanas, and dealing with scorpions and tarantulas. Our passion for Reptiles started when our father brought home a simple, yet beautiful Green Iguana, whom we named Rex. Our minds were blown by the idea that we could own such an amazing piece of nature. As time went on we owned another Iguana, named Stego. We both got hooked and before we knew it we were on a mission to sneak in more and more reptiles into the house. We wanted it all, from tree frogs to rat snakes!

Soon after our passion for reptiles started our family moved to California. Our future hopes of becoming Herpetologists where shattered. It was a year after moving to California that we found a store that sold reptiles. “Reptile Island” in Rancho Cucamonga was our new heaven. Our father took us to purchase our first snake; an Albino California King snake. It was the meanest snake we could have ever purchased but we were happy and couldn’t do anything but smile.

As the years went on we owned multiple Ball Pythons, several Corn Snakes, and a few Bearded Dragons. Suddenly we found ourselves working for the reptile shop and got the opportunity to learn about a whole different world of reptiles. We started investing our allowance into Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons. We bred them during the period when the Sand Fire and Snow gene were becoming popular. Soon after, we decided to switch to breeding Ball Pythons, as it would be more profitable. We enjoyed the challenge because it pushed us to better ourselves as Herp Enthusiasts/Breeders.

Now, 10 years later, we took a turn towards something we could only have dreamed about when we were children. We are now breeding High End Ball Python Morphs. It has been a long road, with many failures, but also plenty of success. We have learned from every experience and we can now proudly say that we will be producing 5 to 7 gene animals in 2013. Our jobs as pilots have allowed us to make critical investments to promote the success of our business. We are extremely grateful and thank our parents for their constant support. We would also like to thank Jesse Hernandez for his words of wisdom and time that he has invested in our learning about the world of ball pythons. Without him this business wouldn’t have ever started.

Best Regards,
Joe Arias
Mojo Pythons