Jeff Chandler
Deep within the bowels of Chandler Manor holds a chamber of serpents where we will find our heroes, the proud beacons of the new day battling genetic mutations...epic sagas of good and evil played out between the strains of alleles to create the newest oddities for the viewing enjoyment of everyone.

Okay a little over the top but it sounds good and maybe it will stick in your mind like it does mine, sounds alot better than cleaning up snake crap and scrubbing water bowls that's for sure!

Now some history. I met Bob Applegate at a reptile show awhile back, I knew some of his story but he told me how he had been breeding snakes for 30+ years and how he never created anything new, not from lack of trying just never hit the odds. He just kept plugging away, selectively breeding the best examples that he could. He does have a morph named after him but he didn't have the joy of hatching it, he had to buy a pair. Yet in my opinion he's one of the all time best breeders out there today. No fancy vending equipment, no flashy signs, just a handful of deli cups with hand written feeding cards and a plain sign that says 'how can we be of service?', couldn't break it down any more simply if I tried.

He said a few other good lines like 'how there is nothing wrong with making money' and taking pleasure in being a 'basement breeder' but the simplicity of the sign and the story will always stick with me.

We keep it simple, best examples of the morphs we add along with what the morph is to represent. Flashy doesn't win anything, what it gets you is shiny suits, green shoes, commericals and a ruined business/hobby. No used car approach with us, we stand behind all of our animals 100%. We don't breed the animals to breed them, we pair them with an anticipated outcome of the results to better the animals. We're not show junkies, we don't mass produce our animals, we breed what we like and don't follow trends. We've worked with a variety of animals over the years and honestly we still do. Interests change but we always strive create quality animals.

We enjoy working with reptiles, everything that is involved in keeping them happy and healthy. Quality selectively bred animals is our goal.

One thing that you will notice right off the bat is that we don't have a terms page, I have different views on it after scouring pages and pages on other sites. We are Fedex certified reptile shippers and also have started utilizing Ship Your Reptiles thru UPS for the geckos. We sell quality reptiles, if you don't know what you are getting into you (as the buyer) are responsible for asking the questions or doing the research. Issues will come up and the way people handle them is key, we are a small breeder so to make up pages telling you that we will ship you another animal of equal value is a joke when you don't produce but a handful of animals per year. I don't spend any money recieved for an animal until it is in your hands and you are satisfied, always through the first feeding. I have continued to answer questions and concerns of people I never sold an animal to and will continue to do so. We are not some fly by night flipper, we have been around for more than a few years and will continue to be around. We have and will continue to turn down sales for a variety of reasons, my animals are more important than making a sale.