United States
My name is Eduardo Santaella but people call me Eddy im a 14 year old boy that was born and raised in Miami Fl and my parents are from Caracas Venezuela. My hole life ive been very passionate with animals and ive always had one involved in my life from a betta fish to a small baby cotter to even a caiman but my passion for reptiles started when i was 12 years and i was half way in 7th grade and my Civics teacher had a red tail boa about 5ft long but i really didn’t pay to much attention to it until one day i walked into the class room and the red tail was swallowing a huge rat like if it was nothing after that day i started doing research on Reptiles. When i started doing research on reptiles it just made me wonder where was this my hole life there was just so much from snakes to lizard to tortoises and i wanted them all the only thing i was missing how to convince my parents to get me reptile. Finally after a couple of weeks of trying to convince my parents they finally said yes and i went strait and bought my self a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko and a loved them to death until i saw the wold of ball pythons it just made me wonder how did got make this strait from the wild. Weeks after week i was on the computer all day on world of ball python, reptile report, kingsnake.com and youtube it was just so interesting and i just had to convince my parents to get a snake and trust me when i told them they where not to happy. FINALLY i convinced them to get me a snake but they said that i was only to get one and no more and of course i said yes but after i got one i wanted more so i ended up having to hide them under my bed until one day my parents found out but they really didn’t care they where just disappointing in me but after that i just started expanding every week. The truth is that without my parent and my family i wouldnt be where i am right now but the guy i cant thank enough is Mike B from Snakes At Sunset he let me volunteer every day at his store and everyday i was there and almost everything i know ive probably have learned from him,one of the best most experience veterans of the reptile world.and now thanks to him i get to work with what i love everyday.