Dr. Morph's Ball Pythons
I have been interested in Ball Pythons for over 20 years. This hobby has also turned into a business for me. I decided to get into the breeding side about 4 years ago after seeing all the different morphs that can be created. Little did I know how long it takes to actually put together good combinations for breeding along with care and finding adiquate amounts of food. I started communicating with experienced breeders, Brian Barczyk and Justin Koblyka to get a better understanding of the do's and don'ts of breeding and care. With all the cool combinations out there, it is easy to get sidetracked on which genes and morphs to get involved with. I have a small collection that consists of 37 Females and 12 Males. I will be diciplined to keep my collection small so I can concentrate on great care and better breeder. I've decided to maintain a strong group of morphs in order to produce and have available top combo's. I really have enjoyed watching the evolution of this hobby. It amazes me how many different combinations breeders come up with when breeding these different morphs. I enjoy talking and sharing information about my collection, habits and future projects with other breeders in the ball python world.