Der Terraristik Laden

Terraristikladen since 1995

The founder and managing director, Frank Hamacher, is breeding Reptiles since 1979 and specialized in Monitors, Chameleons, Geckos and Ballpythons.
Besides a great variety of different and exciting reptile-morphs the “Terraristikladen” offers to create and build Reptile cages/houses and sells a wide range of feeders and dry-goods.

Frank Hamacher’s expertise is not only known to his customers but used by public Zoos and scientific Laboratories all over Germany as well.
The credo is “If you don't go forward you go backwards” – fresh ideas and developing new products are less a necessity but vital to the work of Frank.

Many ideas and products used by Reptile Hobbyists worldwide are created by Frank himself – Do you know the Coco Brick? 

Terraristikladen also collaborate with Ozzy Boids USA
& Vision Rack Distributor