Dan Bowlin
Who we are...
We are a small breeder of quality ball python morphs located in Central Arkansas. While breeding is our focus, several of our snakes are also our "pets".

My story and how "MyBallPython" came into existence...
I grew up in the southern part of Africa where even the youngest children were brought up in an environment where "herps" abounded. If I went through a day without seeing a snake of some kind it was a bad day. In school we had to learn about snakes, how to tell if they were poisonous or not and how to avoid the snakes that would chase you.

I spent my young married years unable to enjoy herps here in the US, as my wife despised anything with scales. But, after many years without any herps in my life, I found myself divorced. I was on my own and decided to keep a few animals. I began with a simple corn snake and after meeting and marrying a herp lover, I am now able to enjoy my animals and my wife in the same house.


I began MyBallPython.com after several years of keeping Ball Pythons. With the number of great looking morphs out there, my collection began to build to the point where I had to move them to their "own" place.

I finally decided to add this site to help me to market my Ball Pythons in an easier manner. I have also added much information that I have attained over the years. Some of which is mine, but most I have found from one breeder or another and have tested it and found it to work for me.