Designer Morphs (2nd edition)

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New ball python morph book

Designer MorphsThe new, updated Designer-morphs (2nd edition) volume one; is a hard cover follow up to the best selling Designer-Morphs book from 2006. Containing over 620 full-colour photos, this edition describes all known mutation, variations and designer-morphs of Ball-pythons (Python regius) and Boa constrictor ssp (Boa constrictor imperator). The information is presented in an easy to follow manner. As a reference guide, it is the most complete guide of its kind.

There are two additional Designer-Morphs books in the works, volume two which will focus on Carpet pythons, Blood pythons, Rainbow boas and boid hybrids and volume three, which will cover Corn snakes in the familiar Designer-Morphs style.

The new Designer-morphs, Volume one is available from

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