John Woolard Reptiles

Like many other snake breeders, my passion for ball pythons began with me, as a child, catching and keeping a variety of reptiles and amphibians.  When I turned 13, my Mom took me to purchase my first snake, a boa constrictor, who I named "Harry".  It is easy to see now how keeping snakes from a young age spurred my love of learning and how it prepared me for my current work as an educator and reptile breeder.

Before deciding to specialize in breeding investment quality ball pythons, I kept a wide range of snakes that included old and new world colubrids, hognose, and Surinam boas. Today my collection includes some of the most cutting edge projects and I am constantly working to create new and exciting genetic combinations for breeders who, like me, want the very best for their collections. 

John Woolard Reptiles is more than just my commitment to producing high quality ball python morphs, it is also an opportunity for me to share my passion for reptiles with others.  I am fortunate to have children of my own now and there is no greater joy to me than to be able to share these experiences with them. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to work with you and perhaps also make a new friend in the hobby.